A New Edition to the Shortcross Family

A New Edition to the Shortcross Family

It’s a world exclusive, we have collaborated with those clever folk at That Boutique-y Gin Company to distil something rather different, but special, a London twist on our eldest Shortcross sibling, we have released only 1246 bottles of our limited edition, Shortcross London Dry Gin, Batch 1.

Our Distiller Dave foraged damsons, apples and blackberries on a crisp autumnal morning with our friend and drink’s writer, David T Smith, to create this classic London Dry Gin, it’s brimming with big juicy jammy notes from our damsons and blackberries, combining to give you a nose of luscious hedgerows and orchards.

We think you will love it, we do and our first review can be read here GIN IS IN

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