Celebrating 5 years of Shortcross Gin

Celebrating 5 years of Shortcross Gin

Celebrating 5 years of Shortcross Gin

“In 2014 we dreamed of being the first craft distillery producing hand-crafted super premium spirits in Northern Ireland.”
Fiona Boyd-Armstrong, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Rademon Estate Distillery.

Fast forward to 2019 and David and Fiona have been living the dream for 5 years.
That’s 5 years of distilling, foraging, bottling and hand crafting their international award-winning Shortcross Gin!

Firstly, to celebrate 5 years of Shortcross Gin, the pair have a few surprises up their sleeve with some very special events and product releases planned for 2019…

The good news is, you won’t have to wait long for their first product release! This is scheduled to be launched in May- right on time for the highly anticipated summer season ahead!

Also, their first event isn’t too far away either with the hottest event in the Juniper Calendar swiftly approaching. Shortcross Gin are celebrating World Gin Day on Saturday the 8th of June at Rademon Estate Distillery,
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The brand has also received a new look and are working on delivering a freshly designed website which will be rolled out on the company’s online platforms in the coming weeks.

With so much to look forward to Shortcross certainly won’t have a hard time celebrating their first 5 years in the distilling business.