Rademon Estate Distillery casks first batch of Irish Malt Whiskey

Rademon Estate Distillery casks first batch of Irish Malt Whiskey

Rademon Estate Distillery are delighted to announce, new casks of their first batch of Irish Malt Whiskey have been sealed. Production is also getting under way, with expectations of 100 barrels to be casked within the first year.

This phase of the Distillery development completes a sizeable £1.5M investment to date. Plans for continuous expansion of the Distillery over the next three years will represent a total investment of over £4M. Additionally, creating up to six new jobs.

Rademon Estate Distillery was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong. It is located at the couple’s historic family estate just outside Downpatrick, Co. Down.

To develop the new product, they found support with a £50,000 grant through Invest NI’s R&D Boosting Business scheme. This is to develop the background technology, process and skills to enable the method of production.

The Distillery also plan a further investment of £2.5M to put to work larger Pot Stills and associated equipment. This will give the distillery a capacity of 35,000 litres of pure alcohol per annum. Also, they hope to create a unique Visitor Experience Centre as part of this investment over the next three years.

Fiona Boyd-Armstrong, Managing Director of Rademon Estate Distillery said, “The research and development behind the creation of our Irish Whiskey has been extensive and the valuable support from Invest NI has helped us reach this exciting stage. We are proud to announce this project and that this will be amongst the first batch of Irish Malt Whiskey to be distilled in Northern Ireland.”

All aspects of production for the new Irish Malt Whiskey, from grain to glass, will be performed on site with no third party spirit being used.  The whiskey will be matured in a variety of casks. By doing this, the distillery hope this will allow new and innovative flavours and aromas to be created. As well as using water from the estate’s own well.

“I am thrilled we have developed what I know will be a fantastic Irish Malt Whiskey. I’m greatly looking forward to August 2018 when we will be able to sample our first three year old Irish Malt Whiskey. This style of whiskey is a personal favourite of mine due to the complex flavour profile and I feel it is under represented in the market.” David Boyd-Armstrong, Head Distiller and Operations Director of Rademon Estate Distillery.

More Information Available

Parties interested in the purchase or distribution of Rademon Estate Distillery’s first release of their Irish Malt Whiskey can register their interest by emailing A number of casks have already been pre-ordered, with additional casks being sold over the coming months.