Irish Whiskey Bonding Co. launches

Irish Whiskey Bonding Co. launches

Introducing Irish Whiskey Bonding Co: A Bold Journey into Irish Whiskies Colourful Past and Flavourful Present

In the world of find spirits, tradition and innovation often find themselves at odds, but a new player has entered the scene with a vision that bridges the gap between history and modernity.

Say hello to the Irish Whiskey Bonding Company, a brand that’s not just about whiskey – but storytelling, heritage and a sip that takes you on a journey through time. Chancer and Grafter are out and available now, promising a taste of authenticity and a dash of rebellion in every drop.

A singular blend of five Irish Whiskies. Irish Whiskey Bonding Company is the little brother of Shortcross Irish Whiskey, with every bottle being blended with the unbeatable quality of Shortcross Single Malt, which is full distilled at Rademon Estate Distillery in the heart of County Down.

Why Bonding?

IWBC’s ethos lies with a reverence for the storied journey of Irish Whiskey. Harkening back to the 19th and early 20th centuries, when unbranded spirits flowed through the cobbled streets of Ireland. The term ‘Whiskey Bonder’ takes centre stage. These bonder’s carefulled nurtured and curated the raw ‘new make’ spirit, aging, blending and bottling to create distinctive Irish Whiskey flavours. We were inspired by this era,  and their creations area tribute to the craft and innovation that defined those times and cities.

Chancer: Where Authenticity Meets Cheekiness

Chancer is more than just a whiskey – it’s an embodiment of character. A peat based Irish Whiskey, Chancer projects authenticity and a hint of irreverence. With every sip, you’re transported to a bygone era when the streets where alive with the lively banter, and unexpected adventures. The smoky notes intertwine with the history of Irish Whiskey. Offering a unique taste that’s both familiar and audaciously fresh.

Grafter: Serious Craic with an Independent Spirit

For those who ooze independence, Grafter awaits. This release from Irish Whiskey Bonding Co. is an ode to the street-smart individuals who carve their own path. Grafters aren’t afraid to put in the work, and certainly know how to celebrate their efforts and determination. As the whiskey flows, it echoes the laughter and friendship of old pubs and vibrant city streets.

Choosing Your Story: Chancer or Grafter?

With Irish Whiskey Bonding Co. it’s important to understand that the personalities are just as diverse as the flavours in their bottles. With Chancer and Grafter, we challenge you to explore which persona resonates with you. Are you the Chancer, with a cheeky twinkle in your eye? Or the Graft, embodying independent spirit and a flair for serious craic? The choice is yours.

More than just a whiskey, Irish Whiskey Bonding Co. is a force to be reckoned with – standing for unapologetic authenticity and a hint of sassiness. The spirits they craft are a testament to the rich history of Irish Whiskey and the vibrant city of Belfast. With Chancer and Grafter leading the charge, Irish Whiskey Bonding Co. is poised to shake up the world of Irish Whiskey. In a world where tradition meets innovation, Irish Whiskey Bonding Co. us the perfect example of harmony. So, next time you raise your glass of Chancer of Grafter, remember you’re not just tasting whiskey – you’re tasting a piece of history, a splash of personality, and a promise of delightful rebellion.

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