Our Whiskey Journey Continues

Our Whiskey Journey Continues



As Spring approaches, here at Rademon Estate Distillery, we are preparing for the second release in our Shortcross Whiskey journey.

Like Shortcross Single Irish Malt whiskey, our second release is unique and special in it’s own right whilst still maintaining the same uncompromised craft make-up. Our upcoming release is a little more specific and will initially be part of our limited number of casks however it will become very much a part of our core product range later this year.

Created by our head distiller and founder david, alongside our brewers, we used a very unique mash bill, long fermentation times and then double distilled in our copper still, one of the smallest whiskey still on the island of Ireland.

Our Irish whiskey journey started in 2015 when we began distilling and it’s taken longer than expected to arrive at our second release, we’ve been firm to uphold our core craft distilling values, only bringing to market what we distill.

Our second release will be revealed sooner than you think. For updates, visit Shortcross Whiskey on instagram.