The Mirabelle

The Mirabelle

The Mirabelle

With the season for foraging plums in full swing, what could be more delicious than this plum inspired cocktail, created by our friends at Edo Restaurant Belfast:


  • 35ml – Shortcross Bartender Series #1
  • 20ml – Plum Liqueur
  • 20ml – Fresh Lemon
  • 10ml – Ginger & Vanilla Brandy
  • 20ml – Pressed apple & ginger Juice
  • ½ – Half a crushed plum
  • 1 – Egg White
  • 1 Pinch of pink peppercorn


  • Dry shake to emulsify the egg whites into the mix to give it a lovely smooth texture and mouthfeel , add ice then shake and double strain to be left with glossy smooth foam on top.
  • Finished by setting on top the other half of the plum & sprinkle some freshly crushed pink peppercorn.