Rosie’s Launched in Sainsbury’s

Rosie’s Launched in Sainsbury’s

Rosie’s Launched in Sainsbury’s

2019 saw the proud launch of Northern Ireland’s first Distilled Pink Gin; our very own Rosie’s Garden Gin!

Rosie’s Garden Gin draws inspiration from Rosie, our Founder Fiona’s Mother. Also, this naturally pink gin showcases an array of botanicals and fruits, which Rosie forages from her 18th Century Walled Garden. Succulent strawberries, sharp raspberries, fresh lavender and camomile combine to create this stunning pink gin.

Additionally, these ingredients naturally flavour Rosie’s Garden Gin without the nee for the addition of sugar.

At this time, we are delighted to announce our first trial run of Rosie’s Garden gin has launched in Sainsbury’s, across Northern Ireland.

Find out more about Rosie’s Garden Gin here.

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