Shortcross Gin’s new PINK Gin revealed…

Shortcross Gin’s new PINK Gin revealed…

Introducing Rosie’s Garden Gin

Rademon Estate Distillery celebrates another 5th anniversary milestone by unveiling the latest edition to the Shortcross Gin range, a first for the distillery within the Pink Gin category; Rosie’s Garden Gin.

Inspired by Fiona’s mother, Rosie, the gin showcases an array of botanicals and fruits foraged from her 18th Century Walled Garden, featuring strawberries, raspberries alongside lavender and chamomile. The pink gin stays true to the heritage of Shortcross, remaining juniper led and is bottled at 42.5%.

Head Distiller, David Boyd-Armstrong says, “We chose to vapour infuse the lavender and camomile on our new copper pot still so that we could draw out the delicate flavours and aromas of these botanicals without them competing or being hidden by the other botanicals in the gin.”

Taking inspiration from their home, Rademon Estate, Managing Director, Fiona Boyd-Armstrong made clear that,

“Provenance is hugely important to us, for Rosie’s Garden Gin we sought inspiration from my mum, Rosie, always tending to the fruits and herbs in her 18th century walled garden. We started back in summer 2017, picking fruits and botanicals from the walled gardens to see how best we could craft a gin that links to the heritage of our home.”

The gin is unique to the marketplace as the only pink gin distilled on the island of Ireland that has no added sugar. Head Distiller, David adds, “Rather than follow the path of the sugar rich, low flavour products occupying the fruit and flavoured category, we wanted to create a gin that would lend itself to be enjoyed as a gin and tonic, or crafted into the perfect cocktail.”

The perfect summer sipping gin does exist! And it’s already flying off the shelves in Tesco, SuperValu and selected off-licenses in Belfast. You can also buy it online here.