Rosie’s Garden Gin – Sugar Free Pink Gin

Rosie’s Garden Gin – Sugar Free Pink Gin

Introducing Rosie’s Garden Gin – Sugar Free Pink Gin

Firstly, 2019 has been a great year for Shortcross Gin. As well as celebrating our 5th year distilling, we also launched Northern Ireland’s First Distilled Pink Gin. Rosie’s Garden Gin, which is Sugar Free.

Inspired and named after Fiona’s mother, Rosie, this very pink gin showcases an array of botanicals and fruits. All of these botanicals and fruits foraged from her 18th Century Walled Garden, hence the name Rosie’s Garden Gin. The botanicals and fruits include: strawberries, raspberries, lavender and chamomile.

Rosie’s Garden Pink gin stays true to the heritage of Shortcross and is juniper centric, bottled at 42.5% with no added sugar or sweeteners and rather than follow the path of the sugar rich, low flavour products occupying the fruit and flavoured category, we chose to create a gin that would lend itself to be enjoyed as a gin and tonic, or crafted into the perfect cocktail.

We recommend serving with Fever Tree tonic water or Sicilian lemonade.

The gin is unique to the marketplace as the only pink gin distilled on the island of Ireland that has no added sugar or sweetener.

You can buy it online here from our distillery shop.